10 Hidden Gems of Hollywood You Need to Watch [Underrated]

Not every movie gets a commercial success besides their high quality content and engaging runtime. While some movies get all of the hype, some pass under the radar and don’t get quite attention they deserved. Reasons might be a lot but we aren’t here to discuss them. Life is short, we don’t have enough time to invest it all on movies but it’s very important to find a movie that values your time and suits your interest. The movies capable of driving you completely to their world.

We have already published a list of 10 beyond imagination Hollywood movies you should watch before you die. If haven’t checked it, we would suggest you to check it once here. Hope you will find a good gem to enjoy your popcorn.

This is the list of best underrated hidden gems of Hollywood so far. Some of these might disappoint you a bit as they falls in the category of underrated movies. That was the reason I suggested you to check our previous list.

10 Underrated Hollywood Movies You Need to Watch Before You Die

1. Upgrade (2018)

Upgrade is a low budge masterpiece. If you love science fiction movies you must watch Upgrade at least once. If you love watching next level movies with cybernetic World, future technology where almost every activities are performed by Artificial Intelligence (AI stuff) then this is a must watch for you.

When I watched this movie, I never felt (for even once), it was made with only $3 million budget. It’s a extremely thought provoking sci-fi action thriller movie filled with a lot of twist and turns.

From my point of view it’s a bit underrated by IMDB, as it deserves at least 8.5 rating(has around 90% like as by google users).

2. Ralph : Breaks the internet (2018)

According to a science study, It was observed that, watching Animated series and movies helps people in fighting depression and anxiety. While we watch an animated movies or series it releases special type of enzyme that gives us relief.

Okk! Enough of science stuff let’s talk about movie…

Unlike upgrade it’s not a low budget movies. Ralph Breaks the Internet has got a great humor, plot, twists, animation and is a thoroughly visual treat. In one word it’s a story about meaning of friendships in today’s world connected through internet.

I would pretty much suggest you to watch it once but please don’t judge the movie by watching trailer. It’s a good one..

3. District 9 (2009)

Unlike other Alien movies District 9 is a counter part to all of ’em. Whereas almost every movie present Aliens as threat to humanity this movie comes with an unique concept where aliens are being forced by Humans against their will.

Don’t you think this true and could happen if we ever found Aliens?

This is what humanity would do if they are capable. This is how we are… Selfish and this is our true nature .

There shouldn’t be any doubt in experiencing this science fiction movie for at least once.

4. Doctor sleep (2019)

Nothing much to talk about the movie, you can get an idea about the depth of movie by just watching the trailer.

Apart from the other movies, it’s a physiological horror movie which makes it unique and a must watch among all the movies.

I am damn sure you won’t stop thinking after watching this movie, hits right into subconscious.

5. Happy death day (2017)

Imagine you are being killed but you wake up again in the same morning to get killed again. The movie is entirely based on something like that.

The dark comedy, recurring death, repeating day and mystery killer makes this movie a good watch for teenager.

Also, it has got a sequel , isn’t that awesome?

6. Buried (2010)

Now, here comes my favorite, A beyond movie.

A unique 1 hour 30 minute plot where a man is buried alive in coffin with a lighter and a phone(A Nokia one 😥 ) struggling to make out of there alive. The person even doesn’t no who buried him, Why and where, only thing he can do is to call 911.

Throughout the whole movie I was imagining( thinking) what would I do if something like this happened to me and which makes it more interesting and relatable while watching.

Okay, I have tried hard enough to convince you just Watch it, you will definitely like it. A Bollywood movie has also been made with similar concept (but a room instead of coffin) named Trapped.

7. Okja (2017)

I love Animals, and I think everyone loves animals, not all animals but we like most of them, still we kill them for our food.

The movie is based on similar concept, a girl risk everything(even life) to save his best friend , gigantic animal pig.

The visual shots, chemistry between the girl and pig, the physics between company and pig keeps the story-line interesting and a watchable for you if you think it deserves your time.

At least you can watch trailer, probably you mind gets changed.

8. No Escape (2015)

I think trailer is enough for someone to decide whether it’s your type of out of you kind. But I am quite sure that this movie will make you realize how much parents love their children.

A really good story, you should watch it once, don’t judge it with IMDB rating or by it’s budget.

9. Stardust (2007)

Who doesn’t love to watch high budget adventure movie filled with romance and all that stuff. Well, most of the peoples like such movie these days special, when such movie gets released the hall gets filled by couples.

It doesn’t fall in category of underrated (that’s what I think) but as it was released in 2007 , I though to include it considering you might have not watched.

It’s a great movie, so just go and watch it once but before check out trailer once to make sure it falls in your kind.

10. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

The names very long, for me hard to even remember. But, the movies with unique plot and concept are always back in there on our mind, we can’t forget them.

The movie doesn’t fall on the underrated part but considering the same reason I mentioned above I included this.

It is also a romantic movie and hope you will like it.

Final Words- May the Force be With You

Hope you liked my picks for the best underrated movie so far. If you got a movie geek buddy make sure to share it with him.

Also if you haven’t checked our picks for the 10 beyond imagination Hollywood movies make sure to visit once, you will definitely like those hidden gem movies.

Comment down which is your best movie [Underrated] or a TV series or something we Forgot to list.

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